Quality of social services – what exactly does that mean in Greece and Lithuania or in Northern Ireland and Germany? Which quality management systems are available in these countries? What do they specialise in? What can be standardised throughout Europe? 

These questions were addressed by a project team of seven partners from four countries from October 2008 until September 2010.

The project carried the title BEST Quality. BEST is an acronym that stands for: Benchmarking European standards in Social services Transnationally. It received financial support from the European Union.


BEST Quality concluded with an International Symposium at the Technische Universität Dortmund on 22 September 2010.


On this website, we provide you with detailed information about BEST Quality.


13.04.11 14:49

People benefit from improved quality - European BEST Quality project partnership releases the results of their work

A comparison of quality management systems in the social sector – this was the task which the BEST...

18.05.10 08:33

BEST Quality Project concludes with an international symposium on the 22nd of September

Which quality management system is the right one for social service providers? What do the...

09.12.09 08:26

Final symposium at Technical University of Dortmund - please note the date

BEST Quality will conclude in September 2010. An international symposium will then take place at...

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